Adoptable Dogs (adoption fee $290)

Adoption Procedure for a Dog/Puppy

All our shelter animals have been vet checked, given their necessary vaccinations up to the date of adoption, and have been spayed or neutered if they are old enough. Anyone adopting an animal too young for the procedure, arrangements will be made to ensure that the procedure is carried out and covered under the Adoption Fee.

Prior to adopting a pet, we will ask you to fill out an adoption form. You will be given this form at the shelter, after you have decided which pet you would like to adopt. We do not provide an application prior to your first visit regardless of the distance you are traveling. It is necessary for you to meet the dog you are interested in to ensure the dog is the temperament you are looking for first and foremost.

All adoptions must be approved by our Shelter Manager. The Manager has the right to refuse any application.

Once you have met the dog and filled out an application it is subject to approval. Once approved, the process can take from a few days to a couple of weeks depending on each individual need of the dog.  You will be contacted if you are or are not approved by telephone.

Payment is due at the time you pick up your new dog or puppy.  At that time you will also be given the dog’s medical booklet which includes your new pet’s medical history while at the Shelter. You will also receive your copy of the signed contract between BHS and you, the new pet owner.  This contract is attached to each application.  It is your responsibility and legal obligation to ensure you read and understand the terms of the contract, as it is a legal binding contract.

Important Note: It is shelter policy that all of our animals be adopted out as house pets. This does not mean that they must be kept strictly indoors, but they should not be left running loose or tied up outside. Farm homes are perfectly acceptable as long as the pet is a house pet and will not be housed in a barn or outdoor situation.

Adoption Fees

Puppies and Dogs: $290.00

The Shelter at this time can only take adoption payment in the form of cash or cheque ONLY.  A receipt will be issued upon payment.

Other Important Information

If you are traveling from a distance to visit a dog or puppy at the Shelter please ensure that you call ahead of time and speak with a Shelter Staff member to ensure that the dog you are interested hasn’t already been adopted.  Please do not expect that leaving a voice mail message on our answering machine prior to your travel out will be heard in time by a staff member.

Peaches – Jack Russell

Babs IMG_0882 (1280x853)Babs IMG_0701 (1280x853)Babs IMG_0731 (1280x980)Babs IMG_0846 (1280x1078)Babs IMG_0760 (1280x853)Babs IMG_0804 (1280x998)

PEACHES – In Foster Care
Female, Jack Russell 
Born:  January 24, 2014
Arrived at Shelter: January 25, 2016


I am the snuggable Peaches! I am one adorable Jack Russell (part wire haired) that recently came into rescue after a nice man found me unclaimed and took me out of the cold. Now I am in a foster home that I share with another little dog who has welcomed me so much. I am fortunate to have a cozy bed and regular food. I am very calm for a Jack Russell so far in foster care however it is due more to timidness and cautiousness. I am likely that way due to my previous home-life, or lack of it. I am very tiny and delicate even for a Jack Russell and all lovable! I would be best suited to go to a home that is calm and doesn’t have active young children as I don’t seem to like chaos or to be roughly handled. I will hide in such situations. I absolutely have to be an inside dog as the cold really bothers me.

If you are interested in meeting me you have to call the Shelter at 204-728-1333 to make arrangements as I am in foster care.

Hugs and kisses,


Rupert – Shepherd X

Rupert IMG_0602 (1028x1280)Rupert IMG_0628 (853x1280)Rupert IMG_0639 (1280x853)Rupert IMG_0622 (947x1280)Rupert IMG_0612 (1280x853)

Male, Shepherd X 
Born:  March 21, 2015
Arrived at Shelter: January 25, 2016


I am little Rupert! I came into rescue by a person who found me unclaimed and homeless. I am very skinny for my size although it may be hard to tell by my pictures as I have a thick furry coat but trust me I am under my ideal weight. I also have a little bit of a limp. My back right leg was broken at one time prior to coming into rescue. It may stay with me permanently however with time, proper diet, and exercise it is very probable that it will not be noticeable as I age. I also have a lump on that leg which will always stay as the veterinary believes that I had broken my leg at one point and did not get proper vet care at the time and so the bones fused together on their own improperly. However, with all this I am one happy guy! Why wouldn’t I be, right? I get so much attention now that I just love it! I won’t be a very big dog at maturity and I have a gentle nature. I look forward to doing my happy dance at my new home so you better come and meet me soon! Yahooou!

Your friendly pooch,


Sambuca – Labrador X

Sambuca IMG_0255 (683x1024)Sambuca IMG_0212 (1024x766)Sambuca IMG_0188 (1024x897)Sambuca IMG_0237 (1024x683)Sambuca IMG_0229 (1024x683)

Female, Labrador X 
Born:  October 23, 2015
Arrived at Shelter: January 4, 2016


I am the beautiful Sambuca, I came in with my friends Cognac, Bellini, and Medori.  I will be big beautiful dog when I mature. We all have happy little attitudes that’s ready to go at a minutes notice! We love to play, eat, and sleep, it’s really the usual puppy agenda. I’ve got a pretty different look to me but I’m all adorable. I’ve taken the vacant spot here at the Shelter as the resident comedian but honestly all I have to do is look at someone and I get loads of laughs, all part of my shtick! I play lots with my crazy kennel mates but I hold my own. Stop by to see me and my roomies soon, we won’t last long!



Medori – Shepherd X

Medori IMG_0094 (1024x683)Medori IMG_0090 (683x1024)Medori IMG_0113 (683x1024)Medori IMG_0102 (1024x683)

Female, Shepherd X
Born:  October 23, 2015
Arrived at Shelter: January 4, 2016


I am the beautiful Medori, I came in with my sisters Cognac and Bellini. We are all kennel mates with Sambuca even though she isn’t related to us, she’s still fun to hang with. My sisters and I are beautiful shepherd mixes that will be big dogs when we mature. We have happy little attitudes that’s ready to go at a minutes notice! We love to play, eat, and sleep, it’s really the usual puppy agenda. I’m the little rollie-pollie that resembles somewhat like a big bread loaf, or so I’m told- hey I’ve got a lot a skin to grow into! I’m a cutie that loves my sisters even though they are little crazy!