Adoptable Dogs (adoption fee $275)

Adoption Procedure for a Dog/Puppy

All our shelter animals have been vet checked, given their necessary vaccinations up to the date of adoption, and have been spayed or neutered if they are old enough. Anyone adopting an animal too young for the procedure, arrangements will be made to ensure that the procedure is carried out and covered under the Adoption Fee.

Prior to adopting a pet, we will ask you to fill out an adoption form. You will be given this form at the shelter, after you have decided which pet you would like to adopt. We do not provide an application prior to your first visit regardless of the distance you are traveling. It is necessary for you to meet the dog you are interested in to ensure the dog is the temperament you are looking for first and foremost.

All adoptions must be approved by our Shelter Manager. The Manager has the right to refuse any application.

Once you have met the dog and filled out an application it is subject to approval. Once approved, the process can take from a few days to a couple of weeks depending on each individual need of the dog.  You will be contacted if you are or are not approved by telephone.

Payment is due at the time you pick up your new dog or puppy.  At that time you will also be given the dog’s medical booklet which includes your new pet’s medical history while at the Shelter. You will also receive your copy of the signed contract between BHS and you, the new pet owner.  This contract is attached to each application.  It is your responsibility and legal obligation to ensure you read and understand the terms of the contract, as it is a legal binding contract.

Important Note: It is shelter policy that all of our animals be adopted out as house pets. This does not mean that they must be kept strictly indoors, but they should not be left running loose or tied up outside. Farm homes are perfectly acceptable as long as the pet is a house pet and will not be housed in a barn or outdoor situation.

Adoption Fees

Puppies and Dogs: $275.00

The Shelter at this time can only take adoption payment in the form of cash or cheque ONLY.  A receipt will be issued upon payment.

Other Important Information

If you are traveling from a distance to visit a dog or puppy at the Shelter please ensure that you call ahead of time and speak with a Shelter Staff member to ensure that the dog you are interested hasn’t already been adopted.  Please do not expect that leaving a voice mail message on our answering machine prior to your travel out will be heard in time from a staff member.

Penny – Shepherd/Husky/Sheltie Mix

Penny IMG_8752 (801x1024)Penny IMG_8765 (683x1024)Penny IMG_8801 (1024x683)Penny IMG_8781 (1024x683)Penny IMG_8756 (1024x683)

PENNY - In Foster Care
Female, Shepherd/Husky/Sheltie Mix
Born:  TBA but estimated at 9 months old
Arrived at Shelter: November 28, 2015

Top of the Day Folks,

I am lucky little Penny. I just came into rescue from the Portage la Prairie city pound where I was about to be euthanized because no one came to claim me. I certainly had an angel watching over me because the call I needed finally came through and saved my powder puffed tail and now I’m a foster home that I think is just the shizzle.

Let me tell you a little about myself so far. I am very petite, my photos always make me look larger than I really am so when you see me in person you’ll be amazed how small I actually am. Although I am still growing I won’t be a large dog, I’ll be that delicate little flower you are looking for! I took no time to fit right in with the two other dogs at my foster home and soon we were off playing games and some tomfoolery. Apparently there are cats in the house too but I haven’t met them face to face yet as I write this (oh yes, I may not have thumbs but I have hidden talents ;) ), I’ll update you on how our meet and greet session goes.

I’m curious, respectful, and one smart little cookie. The humans think I will listen to them well as I have already shown signs that I will sit if I see you have treat or want me to stop playtime and listen to you. I like sticks, toys, and goofy around. I need a little work on my leash but only because I like to sniff everything, I don’t really pull or run a muck I’m just curious about everything. I just need a little consistent guiding and I would walk alongside my human fairly effortlessly.

So far life is grand. The humans can’t understand why my owner never came to claim back from the city pound, just goes to show you that someone’s trash is another person’s treasure. I’m pretty darn lucky to have gotten that call from my foster family agreeing to look after me until I find my forever home. That’s why I’m called lucky Penny.

Looking forward to meeting everyone. Okay, time to meet those cats. Here kitty, kitty, kitty….

Lucky Penny

P.S. If you want to meet me please call the Shelter at 204-728-1333 to make arrangements as I am in foster care.

Salo – Shepherd/Husky/Great Pyrenees Mix

Salo IMG_8575 (1024x683)Salo IMG_8577 (1024x683)Salo IMG_8579 (683x1024)Salo IMG_8594 (1024x683)Salo IMG_8595 (1024x683)

Male, Shepherd/Husky/Great Pyrenees Mix
Born:  September 17, 2015
Arrived at Shelter: October 15, 2015

Hello Neighbors!

I am Salo! I came into rescue with my awesome Mom Nika, and porky brother Oslo. Let me say I’ve been just having a grand ol’ time with my family at the Shelter. I get wonderful meals, a soft bed, a ridiculous amount of cuddle time from everyone and toys to play with. Although my favorite thing to play with is my brother and when my Mom lets me, her ears.

I’m a fun and spunky little tyke that will grow up to a big dog at maturity. I pretty much have a lovable attitude and enjoy just following any human around.

Stop on by for a visit and I’ll try a taste test on your shoe laces.


Oslo – Husky/Shepherd/Great Pyrenees Mix

Salo IMG_8629 (683x1024)Oslo IMG_8615 (1024x683)Oslo IMG_8604 (870x1024)Oslo IMG_8602 (824x1024)Oslo IMG_8653 (713x1024)

Male, Shepherd/Husky/Great Pyrenees Mix
Born:  September 17, 2015
Arrived at Shelter: October 15, 2015


I am Oslo. I came into rescue with my big beautiful Mom Nika and brother Salo. As you can see from my pictures I have a good appetite. I love food, I love people, my Mom, even my brother, and food. I said that one twice on purpose. I am one happy puppy and I will grow into a big dog when I mature. I have naturally wavy hair and one killer look. Watch out ladies!

I look forward to making new friends so come on by and visit me today!



Nika – Shepherd/Husky Mix

Nika IMG_8569 (1024x683)Nika IMG_8574 (1024x683)Nika IMG_8563 (1024x683)Nika IMG_8568 (1024x683)Nika IMG_8573 (1024x683)

Female, Shepherd/Husky Mix
Born:  November 13, 2013
Arrived at Shelter: October 15, 2015

Hello Dear Friends,

I am the big beautiful Nika. I came into rescue alongside my two adorable sons Oslo and Salo, otherwise known as my little pork chops. I was a stray dog fending for my pups when I came into rescue so it is unknown just how long I was homeless. I am a lovable and gentle giant of a dog. I have proven myself to be one of the best Mom’s the Shelter has seen, a least that’s what they tell me. I am very motherly not only to my own pups but I seem to want to mother all the other pups around here! I am still settling in my environment and like to see my humans as much as possible to know they are there. I am a little timid of situations or people I’m not familiar about. I’m pretty good on a leash but still need a little work. I am a big girl and a powerful one if I want to be but so far I have only exhibited gentle behavior.

Stop on by to meet me and my little ones soon.

Always obliging,